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Did you ever drop your laptop? Did you ever come close to dropping your laptop? Eliminate those worries by getting a handle on your laptop ~ The Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap!

*** Midrix News ***

I purchased an iPad several weeks ago and have been using the iPad strap to lug it around. Yesterday I read online that you can buy iPad carrying cases for much more than the cost of the iPad, with one particular brand retailing for over $1,000. Well, take a look at the iPad strap and determine for yourself if it would serve the same purpose, at a much cheaper price!

Note to those with Dell M90 or XPS 1710 laptops. When ordering a Briefcase Strap, please send a note with your order stating as much so I can send you a longer Main Strap.

Thanks to all who have purchased a Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap to date. We appreciate you as customers, and we sincerely hope the strap makes your lives a bit easier


The driving force behind the development of the Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap was to make it easier and safer for the frequent air traveler to navigate the airport security line with their laptop computer. If you click the About Us link above, a further explanation is provided, but to sum it up, most everything with a handle is easier to lift and carry, and that's exactly what the laptop strap provides its owner ~ a safe carrying strap and handle for their laptop. Although the Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap was created with the frequent air traveler in mind, the strap can be used by anyone with a laptop, on a daily basis, to protect their investment, by making the laptop easier and safer to lift and transport.

The Strap
The laptop strap is constructed with 2" Poly-Pro webbing, similar to the material used for automobile seat belts. The Main strap assembly is fitted with a 2" side release buckle, and a 2" tri-glide is also provided. The Support strap is fitted with 5" of “velcro” on each end. The combination of the buckle and tri-glide on the Main strap, and the “velcro” on the Support strap, allows the strap to be adjusted depthwise and widthwise, accommodating most sized laptops. The Main strap carries the weight of the laptop, while the Support strap anchors the Main strap in place, limiting its movement from side-to-side. Two versions of the strap assembly are available: one for those who prefer a backpack carrying case, and the other for those who prefer a briefcase style carrying case.

The Handle
The rubber handle is fitted with a 1" side release buckle, providing an even lie for the Main strap, and a level and comfortable grip for the hand.

The Company
After careful consideration, our company was named after the 2 Labs in the above picture; Midnight, and Matrix. Midnight's the boss, but we will never tell Matrix!

Thank you for visiting our website, and feel free to contact us should you have questions or concerns about our straps.














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