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About Us


The idea for the Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap was forged almost 3 years ago when my job as a consultant afforded me the opportunity to commute to and from Chicago O’Hare airport on a weekly basis. Being a neophyte air traveler at the outset, the whole airport experience was stressful, especially the bi-weekly trek through the security screening lines. One learns quickly how to expedite the process; untying your shoe laces prior to arriving at the security table, packing your carry-on with as much as possible, and having your laptop bag unzipped, with your laptop ready to be extracted and tubbed as fast as possible. Being an A to B type of guy, which my wife will never let me forget, for many weeks I pondered how to streamline the process, and reduce the stress.

The Problem: The Laptop screening process.
In my mind, the bottleneck was always the laptop screening process, which is: Unzipping the laptop carrying case, removing the laptop, placing the laptop in the tub to be x-rayed, removing the laptop from the tub following the x-ray, and finally, returning the laptop to the carrying case. Now, a laptop computer is not a cheap piece of equipment, and in my case, it is my livelihood. Should I ruin my laptop on my way to Chicago, I will not be very productive for the week, not to mention the potential monetary loss. That being said, the convenience of the laptop is countered by the difficulty to transport it out of the carrying case. The carrying case extraction process all starts with the thumb and fingers of your hand, and with the stress involved in the security line, one could easily drop the laptop at four different points; extracting the laptop from the case, lying the laptop in the tub, removing the laptop from the tub, and finally, returning the laptop to the safe haven of the carrying case.

The Opportunity: It's all about the Handle.
My solution to the problem was a handle. Let’s face it, most everything is easier to lift and carry if a handle is present, but there are no handles on laptops. After unsuccessfully scouring the internet, luggage magazines, airline magazines and airport stores for a known product to solve the handle problem, I constructed a single strap, with a side release buckle, and a handle. My preference for a laptop carrying case is a backpack, which is more restrictive than a briefcase style case, but it’s simply my preference. The handle and single strap made life much easier navigating through the security lines, and if I elected to, I could extract my laptop earlier in the x-ray process, carrying the laptop like another piece of luggage prior to tubbing it, and quickly removing it from the tub and carrying it away from the security line prior to returning it to my backpack. Iteration one was acceptable, but like any invention, the kinks needed to be worked out, which is what I did over the past 2 years, and I’m positive you will like the final product.

The Plunge: Midrix, Inc.
During the proof of concept process, I received many positive remarks from TSA employees, as well as from my co-workers, and the one common question from the 2 groups was, “Are you going to market the strap?” If you made it this far, you know I finally decided to take the leap, and market the strap. I mentioned my preference for the backpack, but there is also a separate strap for a briefcase style carrying case. Both straps are designed to accommodate different sized laptops, with tri-glides to manage any excess strap on smaller laptops, as well as hook and loop (“velcro”) on the support strap for the same purpose. The handle is constructed with a 1” side release buckle, giving a smooth and wide surface for the main strap to lie on, affording an even handle grip. Although the Safe-Clik-N-Grip® Laptop Strap was created with the frequent air traveler in mind, the strap can be used by anyone with a laptop, on a daily basis, to protect their investment, by making the laptop easier and safer to lift and transport.

When it’s all said and done, it’s all about the HANDLE!

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